Until Forever

Cinematic Drama/Theatrical Play

The theme of “a love so strong that even death can’t part us” is turned upside down, when two best friends – one gay and one straight – discover that they are the reincarnations of two young lovers (one male and one female) that were separated by death during the French Revolution. This is not a classic gay love story about a straight man coming to terms with sexual confusion. Instead, this is an exploration of what would happen if a truly straight man discovered that his devotion to his best male friend was due to a reincarnated love so strong that they came back to find each other again, only to discover a cruel cosmic twist of fate has brought his past love back, not as a woman he could easily love in this lifetime, but as a gay man. When the memories of their past lives become as vivid and strong as the memories of their current lives, the two friends have no choice, but to face this cruel twist of fate head on.

WGA Registration #: 1270847