She's All Mine


What happens when a TV star (who has had one too many relationships ruined by the constant hounding of the tabloids), and her gay best friend decide to buy a Hollywood Hills house together? When that gay best friend is a closeted up-and-coming pop star who is trying to keep his sexuality hidden, you’ve got the recipe for the perfect fake Hollywood romance. Perfect, that is, until she meets the man of her dreams, who not only has to accept the fake public relationship, but also finds himself wrapped up in a series of misunderstandings that leads everyone to think that he’s gay. When the gay guy has to pretend to be straight, and the straight guy has to pretend to be gay, and the girl’s in the middle trying to hold it all together, you have the new sitcom “SHE’S ALL MINE”; a show being called “a cross between Will & Grace and Three’s Company”.

Meet Bridget Jacobs (the star of the hit show Housewives in the City), her best friend Erik Andrews (the closeted gay recording artist), and Wesley Fuller, the lawyer she falls in love with. The three are surrounded by the colorful (and often hysterical) characters) who make up their circle of friends and family. Meet Dottie, their A-list publicist (and the only other person to know about Erik’s sexuality) who will do anything to keep her famous clients in the spotlight…and their secrets in the shadows. Meet Bunny and Richard Fuller, Wesley’s wealthy high society parents, who take great joy frustrating the hell out of each other by playing a never-ending game of getting the upper hand. Meet Judith, Bridget’s meddling (and often clueless) mother, who, in spite of her backwoods Tennessee roots, has convinced herself that she is Hollywood royalty, and created a persona that can only be described as a cross between Lana Turner and a drag queen. Meet Pat, Erik’s younger brother, who knows nothing about Erik’s sexuality and has come to Los Angeles to fulfill his lifetime goal of becoming a reality TV star.

Also along the way, we’ll meet other quirky and entertaining characters, such as: Dottie’s assistant, Philip, a once-wealthy (and flamboyantly gay) 20-something, who used to live a high profile “Paris Hilton” life, until his father was convicted of a slew of corporate crimes and lost the family fortune; Winifred, Richard and Bunny’s opinionated and sassy maid, who loves nothing better than helping Richard to drive Bunny crazy; the Asian manicurists at Bunny and Judith’s nail salon whose funny (and often biting) running commentary about the two women is translated for the viewers in subtitles; Sadie, Wesley’s competent and beautiful secretary, who can barely see without her coke-bottle glasses, but has such a crush on him, that her vanity gets the best of her and won’t wear her glasses around him, resulting in a comical clumsiness that has him convinced that she has a drinking problem; Sean Tillman, a conflicted heart-throb A-list action star who has been able to suppress his own sexuality, until he meets Erik; and an endless list of gay icon celebrities (including Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler, Elton John and others) that Dottie goes to extreme measures to keep away from Erik, for fear that his excitement in meeting them will bring out his gay personality traits, resulting in him outing himself.

WGA Registration #: 1426763