Period Drama

Following in the footsteps of such acclaimed series as “Rome”, “the Borgias” and “The Tudors”, “PHARAOH” is an ongoing multi-part series that explores the world of Ancient Egypt under the rule of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his Queen, the infamously beautiful and cruel Nefertiti. Building on the world’s ongoing fascination with King Tutankhamun, this series begins as King Tut’s father, Akhenaten, unexpectedly becomes Pharaoh, finds himself with an ambitious and ruthless Queen, and makes the fateful decision to take the power of Egypt away from the priests of the various ruling temples, by becoming the first ruler in history to declare the existence of (and demand the worship of) only one true God – the God “Aten” (God of the Sun), which results in a complete overthrow of the political power centers in Ancient Egypt: the multitudes of Temples worshipping the other Gods. “PHARAOH” explores not only the political unrest and often volatile results of stripping the power and wealth from the Temple Priests, but also explores the early childhood of Tutankhamun, and his mother Kia, a lower wife of Akhenaten who becomes Nefertiti’s biggest rival in court when she gives birth to Akhenaten’s only legitimate Son – the now infamous King Tut. The series is structured over several seasons, to take us through the childhood of Tut, including the eventual death of his father, and the power struggles that followed as Nefertiti attempts to maintain control as Pharaoh, and as the previously stripped Temples begin to be resurrected, pushing Egypt back to a multi-God worshipping nation; it is these power shifts which eventually lead to the much debated death of Tut. As with series such as “The Tudors”, the historical facts and records of the period will be incorporated into compelling storylines that will have audiences eager to get to the next week’s episode, offering an interpretation of the known histories that humanize these legendary people in ways that have never been done before. This period in Egypt’s history is so rich with drama and intrigue, that the series could go on even longer than “Rome” or the “The Tudors”.

WGA Registration #: 1691056