Eclipse of the Heart

A New Rock Musical

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Featuring the music of Jim Steinman, as made famous by Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, and Celine Dion, this full scale musical drama is not a "jukebox musical," but instead a full and rich book that uses this powerful and legendary music to tell the story of a father and a son and the women who love them...and the story of the one woman who could heal both men, if only...

The goal with Eclipse is to raise the "jukebox musical" to a higher level, telling a powerful and moving story that is meaningful and could stand on its own, even without the music. By incorporating some of the most powerful music ever recorded, this musical will last through the ages and become as iconic as the music that inspired it. What has developed is a book that has touched people in extraordinary ways, incorporating the powerful themes of overcoming the lies of the past, finding forgiveness and picking up the pieces of a life when you can't readily find all of the pieces.

A Glimpse Into Eclipse...

Eclipse of the Heart Opening
Featuring Shoshana Bean, Henry Farnam IV, & Stephanie Michels

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Featuring Henry Farnam IV & Stephanie Michels

Disclaimer: This film is not yet set for release and everything that appears on this page should be considered for "demo purposes only." Because of the great efforts and dedication of the many actors and crew/production members that worked so tirelessly to make this project happen, I wanted to present to you some demo’s of the project for your enjoyment, and as a tribute to their immense talents.

WGA Registration #: 1684748

Please Note: All music rights are reserved by Jim Steinman and his publisher, Edward B Marks Music Company c/o Evan House at Carlin America. Rights for theatrical and cinematic usage are pending.